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Who do I call? We hear this question all the time. When you are new to the area or a first time home buyer and you have a need for a home service professional, what do you do? Who do I contact? We have the answer – HomeKeepr.

HomeKeepr, a home vendor recommendation web and mobile app, connects homeowners and soon-to-be homeowners with a network of home service professionals and local businesses. Unlike Yelp or Angie’s List, which rely on consumer reviews, HomeKeepr’s recommendations are submitted by local businesspeople intimately acquainted with the home and area: real estate agents.

HomeKeepr was launched to solve a problem that every new homeowner encounters: locating trustworthy home service professionals. Because of the intimate nature of contracting with a home service provider (you let them into your home) and potential for a high price tag, you [may] want a recommendation from someone who has had lots of experiences with many different home service providers, someone who would feel accountable for their recommendation, and someone you know and trust.

Rather than crowdsourcing lots of reviews from strangers, HomeKeepr sources recommendations from “local experts:” the Maryanski Realty Group. We created our own personal list of favorite local businesses that our other clients have used successfully and trust, uploaded it to the mobile and web app, and then shared this app with our clients to help them manage and maintain their homes.

Want to try it out yourself and have access to these great home service vendors? Feel free to down the app here:


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