5 Do It Yourself Projects You Can Do This Weekend!!



Home Renovations can be time consuming, costly and let’s admit, a little intimidating if you don’t know what you are doing. But there are actually several affordable big impact projects you could do this weekend that the average homeowner could accomplish with ease.

So when you leave work on Friday, swing by your local home improvement store and pickup the supplies you will need. With a little planning and effort, these projects can go a long way.


1. Give Your Home Instant Curb Appeal By Painting Your Front Door

Once you clean and prep the door, you can add a new color that accents your siding and trim. While you might not want to paint your whole house red or apple green or black, you can go bold or go dramatic on a smaller area like a door. The project takes just a few hours, which leaves time for you to make another small change – replacing your mailbox or even painting it to match the door.

2. Updating Old Light Fixtures

Whether you have light fixtures that don’t work or ones that are a reminder of past decades, changing them is simple. While you can spend thousands on a single fixture, you can find trendy, affordable options online or at your local big box or lighting store. To do the job, you’ll need a few tools and a ladder. Just don’t forget to turn off the power while you’re at work, and within a short time, you will have brightened up your home.

3. Update Kitchen Or Bathroom Faucets

Old faucets may leak or, like lighting fixtures, show their age. Kitchen faucets now boast one-touch operation, have built in sprayers and hoses, and slope high enough to handle filling tall stockpots. Bathroom faucets offer new styling too and come in countless style to match your home’s architecture. Once you select your new fixture, turn off the water and get started.

4. Add A Kitchen Backsplash

There’s nothing like a kitchen backsplash to add a cool, yet functional, decorative touch to the area behind your sink and stove. With many beautiful choices available, you can quickly add a pop of color with this manageable project. Many tiles come in 12×12 sheets backed with mesh which makes installation easy. You still have to be prepared to cut the tile around outlets and for spaces too small to accommodate a whole tile. Just make sure to research how to do itand prepare the surface in advance.

5. Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

For a cost effective way to get the look of new cabinets without replacing them, repaint them! You can find environmentally-friendly low VOC paint specifically formulated for this project. Preparation is crucial with this project, so be sure to do your homework and clean, de-gloss, and prime the surfaces so that paint will stick well. Once you’re done, new hardware can complete your updated look.


These small DIY projects can have a big impact and it might also get you thinking about “what I can do next?” Keep in mind that some “bigger” jobs might require a bit of electrical, plumbing or other know how. If you feel that is a little over your head, you might want to call a contractor or handyman to safely do the job. Feel free to contact us anytime for a referral in this area.


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